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Coming Up for Air (1939) by George Orwell

By JF The author of this novel, George Orwell, most famously known for his satires on society in Animal Farm and 1984, here composes what can be interpreted as the preliminary text in a trilogy which serves as a worthy political antecedent to these two great, significant literary pieces. Often overlooked by many, Coming Up … Continue reading

Holdfast by A. G. Street (1946)

Shedding a relatively rare light on the plight of rural England in time of war, this novel by A. G. Street (author of the better-known Farmer’s Glory (1932)) concentrates on the story of a single farm in the south west of England. It centres on the character of Phoebe Carpenter, a young farmer’s wife who … Continue reading

Fairy Gold by Compton Mackenzie (1926)

A late entry to our run of Compton Mackenzie reviews… Review by Helen C: It is 1917, and young Dick Deverell has been invalided out of the army and posted to man a protective garrison on the islands of Roon and Carrackoon, off the coast of Lyonesse. There he meets the elderly Knight of Romares, … Continue reading

Olive of Sylcote by Willie Riley (1918)

We’re backtracking a bit here, to the author we read a couple of months ago: Willie Riley. But it’s good to get another reader’s response to a novel I am sure has not been read for many a long year! Next: Henry Williamson. Review by Helen N: I found it quite a “stiff” read at … Continue reading

Joanna Godden by Sheila Kaye Smith (1921)

Today we have our second review of Joanna Godden (see the first review here). Both our readers were very impressed with the novel – time for a reprint perhaps? Review by Sylvia D: In 1897 Joanna Godden inherits her father’s sheep farm, Little Ansdore, in the Kent marshes.  There are no strings attached.  He doesn’t … Continue reading

‘Jane’s Parlour’ by O. Douglas (1937)

Review by Helen C: This is a domestic tale of country gentlefolk, between the Wars, and their families, friends and acquaintances, mostly in their beloved Scottish Borders, but occasionally in London.  Jane’s Parlour is the cosy sanctum whither Katharyn, wife, mother of 5 and writer, retreats for peace and re-invigoration;  though mentioned sparingly, it serves … Continue reading