Posted in July 2021

Humbug (1921) by E.M. Delafield

Book Review by G.S.: Humbug is a very good novel, yet another reminder that there is more to E.M. Delafield than the Provincial Lady ( excellent as that is). Like many of her novels of the early twenties, it is an impassioned plea for honesty. It begins with the splendid sentence: Good women know by … Continue reading

Before Lunch, (1939) by Angela Thirkell

Book Review by Hilary Temple Written in 1938 and unclouded by any rumours of war, this novel is surprisingly filmic compared with Thirkell’s previous and subsequent Barsetshire titles. In the opening chapter we watch an irritable middle-aged man looking out of his bedroom window. We are not told who he is until a horse-drawn farm … Continue reading