Reading Group Topics by Year

The records from 2015-2022 onwards are accurate, but the ones from our beginnings in 2012 to early 2015 are to an extent reconstructed and so are less exact (and a few months are missing), but I think capture most authors and topics we discussed. Early on, members of the reading group selected books held in the Special Collection so we tended to cover a number of authors at each meeting, while later on we usually focussed on a single author or a topic or genre each month. We generally take August off, but in a few early years we took July off!

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for 2021 to 2022 Reading Season

September 14: Book Exchange / Book Donation Book – a lucky dip!

October 12: Romer Wilson

November 9: Blog Book review workshop

November 16: Hard-boiled (British or American, including Hank Janson and James Hadley Chase)

December 14: Stella Gibbons

January 18: Working class / industrial fiction

February 15: Dennis Wheatley

March 15: Europe (about or translated novel from the period)

April 12: James Hilton

May 17: Caribbean fiction

June 14: Mary Westmacott

July 12: Fiction published by Herbert Jenkins Ltd

August 19 (extended meeting): Yorkshire + Derbyshire fiction + AGM JULY TBC Fifty Years and a Decade of Popular Fiction: a Celebration of the Ordinary Reader

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2020-2021 Reading Season

September. Rose Macaulay

October. Writers of Jewish Heritage

November. Dean Street Press Golden Age Crime Reprints

December. Eric Ambler

January. LGBT Fiction

February. Francis Brett Young

March. School Stories

April. Early Mills & Boon

May. Denise Robins

June. Novels from 1921

July. Dornford Yates

Reading 1900-1950 topics for the 2019-2020 Reading Season

September. Westerns

October. Racy Trio? Ethel M. Dell, E.M. Hull and Elinor Glyn

November. Comfort Reading!   Maybe already has to be on your bookshelf for use in time of need?

December. Ethel Lina White

January. Phyllis Bentley – Yorkshire bestseller and celebrity

February. H. G. Wells – popular, influential and intellectual?

March. Anti-war, Pacifist, and Conscientious Objection fictions

April. Mary Stewart. Few of her novels fall into our period, but we could stretch a little into the 1960s

May. Utopias and Dystopias

June. Richmal Crompton – non-William books!

July. Naval Fictions

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2018-2019 Reading Season

September. Clemence Dane

October. Women writers of 1947: reading suggestions from the Lancashire Evening Post, 2 May 1947

December. Irish and Scottish Middlebrow – to follow up our mainly Welsh work last year

January. BAME fiction 1900 -1950

February. Books from Mary Soar’s book-list 1939-1942

March. Sylvia Townsend Warner

April. CENSORED, shocking or controversial!

May. Patrick Hamilton

June. Reading Sheffield novels

July. Short fiction from magazines / newspapers – to be supplied by reading group members.

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2017-2018 Reading Season

September. Furrowed Middlebrow Top 20 novels by women

October. Monica Dickens

November. Occupations. e.g. clerks, factory workers, lawyers, actors, miners, dancers, stockbrokers, shop-keepers, artists, governesses, farmworkers, writers, hoteliers, painters (and decorators), models, police officers, lady’s companions, architects, servants  – to pick some out at random – there should be lots of choice!

December. Elizabeth Goudge or Margery Sharp

January. Phillip Gibbs

February. Religion

March. Angela Thirkell

April. Pamela Frankau

May. Transatlantic

June. Warwick Deeping

July. Celtic Middlebrow: Cornish, Irish, Manx, Scottish and Welsh fiction

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2016-2017 Reading Season

September. Ghostly and Supernatural

October. Kings of Crime

November. Authors We’ve Never Read – from the Mark Valentine donation

December. Ethel Carnie Holdsworth

January. Imperial fictions 4 – Australia

February. The People’s War (WW2)

March. Compton McKenzie

April. Books about best-sellers / popular authors

May. Winifred Holtby

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2015-16 Reading Season

September. Queens of Crime

October. Working Class Fiction (by or about)

November. Imperial fictions 1: India

December. Medical Novels

January. Imperial Fictions 2: Africa

February. Suffragette Fiction

March. Imperial Fictions 3: Middle and Far East

April. Grown-Up Novels by Children’s Writers

May. Comic Fiction

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2014-2015 Reading Season

September. A.J. Cronin and E.H. Young

October, Marganitha Laski

November. Lettice Cooper and Hugh Walpole

December. Stella Gibbons, Thomas Armstrong and H.G. Wells

January. Compton MacKenzie

February. P.G. Wodehouse, Gilbert Frankau

March. W. Pett Ridge. Eric Linklater, P.G. Wodehouse

April. Charles Williams

May. Dorothy Whipple

June. Storm Jameson, Radcliffe Hall, Rebecca West, E.M. Delafield

July. Stella Gibbons and C. S. Forester

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2013-2014 Reading Season

September. Howard Spring

October. Willy Riley

December. Henry Williamson

January. Elinor Mordant, Edward Sackville-West and Mrs Alfred Sidgwick

February. Arnold Bennett

March. Jack London

April. Elizabeth Taylor and Ivy Compton-Burnett

May. Marguerite Steen

July. Ethel Mannin and Elizabeth von Arnim

August. Dornford Yates, Warwick Deeping, A.J. Cronin

September. Yorkshire writers: Thomas Armstrong, Lettice Cooper, Phyllis Bentley

Reading 1900-1950 Topics for the 2012-2013 Reading Season

September. Georgette Heyer, Constance Holme, O. Douglas, Angela Thirkell, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Marie Corelli, Florence L. Barclay, Warwick Deeping, Nicholas Blake, E. Arnot Robertson

October. WW1.Rose Macaulay, John Buchan, Ian Hay, Charles Morgan, Margaret Kennedy, Gilbert Frankau, Ethel Mannin

November. Ronald Knox, Michael Innes, William Le Queux, J.C. Masterman, A.P. Herbert, Cyril Hare, G.D.R. and Margaret Cole, Margery Allingham, Agatha Christie

December. H.G Wells, Marguerite Steen, Julia Strachey, Jan Struther, Warwick Deeping, Margaret Kennedy

January. Sheila Kaye-Smith, D.K. Broster, Jeffrey Farnol, Anthony Hope, Baroness Orczy, Sapper

February. Georgette Heyer, Rosamund Lehmann, Pamela Frankau

March. Dornford Yates, H.M. Tomlinson, E.M. Hull, C.S. Forester

April. E.M. Delafield, John Buchan, E. M. Hull, Ann Bridges

May. J.B. Priestley

July. Ian Hay

August. Michael Arlen, Sheila Kaye-Smith, Beverley Nichols, Mary Webb, Anthony Berkley, Storm Jameson, Florence Barclay, Gilbert Frankau