Posted in May 2014

The Building of Jalna by Mazo de la Roche (1944)

Next is a series of reviews of the Jalna novels by Canadian Mazo de la Roche. There are 16 novels in the Jalna series, published from 1927 to 1960, which follow the fortunes of the Whiteoak family and their eponymous rural Ontario estate over a 100-year period. de la Roche won the prestigious $10,000 Atlantic … Continue reading

Palladian by Elizabeth Taylor (1946)

Here’s the rather lovely cover of the first edition of Palladian (very kindly given to me by Nicolas Hawkes). It was ‘produced in conformity with the authorised economy standards’ but still looks great. I think Palladian is a fascinating novel and wrote about it in Comedy and the Feminine Middlebrow Novel: Elizabeth von Arnim and Elizabeth … Continue reading