Posted in October 2012

WW1 as a Holy Crusade? Ernest Raymond’s best-seller ‘Tell England’ (1922)

Review by Reading Group member First, a plot summary: Initially the narrator describes the public school life of himself and his two close friends.  Training to ‘rule the waves’ involves the internalisation of key English characteristics, viz. reserve, restraint, resilience. The teaching of such cultural values is reinforced by caning, ridicule and isolation. Counterpointing this … Continue reading

Read detective stories along with us

This month we are reading Detective Stories. (After last month’s World War I fiction I thought some light relief was called for.) I pulled out a selection of the many detective novels we hold in the collection. Reading Group members chose books by well-known writers Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh and Margery Allingham (I am reading … Continue reading