Posted in November 2013

Once Upon a Time: An Adventure by Vaughan Wilkins (1949)

Review by George Simmers (see his Great War Fiction blog here). Once Upon a Time is an entertaining romp. It begins with a prelude set in 1901. After Victoria’s death, the new King, Edward VII, enters his father’s study, which the Queen had left preserved exactly as it was on Albert’s death forty years before. … Continue reading


Vaughan Wilkins (1890-1959)

At our latest reading group we discussed William Vaughan Wilkins (1890-1959), a writer of popular historial romances and adventure stories, and a journalist. We have 14 Wilkins novels in the collection, thanks to a donation by reading group member Jane Varley. (See our holdings here.) I missed the meeting because I was ill, and was … Continue reading