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The Island of Sheep by John Buchan (1936)

This is the last of the Richard Hannay novels. The series runs: The Thirty-Nine Steps (1915), Greenmantle (1916), Mr Standfast (1919), The Three Hostages (1924), The Courts of the Morning (1929), The Island of Sheep (1936). Review by David R: The Island of the title is situated somewhere North of Scotland. Probably based on an island … Continue reading

The Circle of the Gods by Victor Canning (1977)

In terms of date this novel shouldn’t be in our collection, but until we run out of space I am inclined to keep it! Victor Canning was a astonishingly prolific writer with a long career, from the 1930s to the 1980s. (See previous reviews of his novels Fountain Inn (1939) and Green Battlefield (1943).) In his … Continue reading

Green Battlefield (1943) by Victor Canning

Review by John Higgins The plot of Green Battlefield can be summarised as follows: Bomber pilot Patrick Orleigh parachutes to ground when his plane is shot down over Normandy, where he is befriended by Arlenne Resant and her elderly servants, the Bonparts. A German officer arrives to billet six soldiers in her house. In the … Continue reading