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The Sun in the Sands by Henry Williamson (1945)

Review by George Simmers (see his Great War Fiction blog here) When Chris told us that this month’s author would be Henry Williamson, my heart sank a little. I’ve read a fair bit of Williamson but he is not among my favourite writers. Reviewing one of his novels, J. B. Priestley described it as ‘a … Continue reading

The Beautiful Years by Henry Williamson (1921)

This is Williamson’s first published novel. I wondered, after hearing how the book presents a bleak picture of the years before World War 1 – years that are often presented as a golden ‘Edwardian sunset’ – whether the title is ironic? Review by Helen N: The plot concerns Willie Maddison, a motherless boy growing up … Continue reading

Tarka the Otter by Henry Williamson (1927)

Review Mary P: The book sub title is ‘His Joyful Water-Life and Death in the Two Rivers’. Williamson gives a very detailed description of an otter’s life, and that of other animals and birds in a very specific area of North Devon in the early twentieth century. Tarka is born and learns to swim and … Continue reading

Henry Willliamson (1895-1977)

Henry Williamson (1895-1977) was a hugely prolific author (he  wrote over 50 books), best-known for his 1927 novel Tarka the Otter. As you might expect, given his birth date of 1895, Williamson fought in WW1 and his experiences there were extremely important to the direction of his life and writing. At our reading group discussion we got … Continue reading