Posted in October 2014

The Village by Marghanita Laski (1952)

Review by Val H: Oh how I enjoyed The Village (1952) by Marghanita Laski! On the surface, it is a simple, even dull love story, but this is merely a cover for a witty and fluent examination of class in England immediately after World War II. In places the novel has dated, but to anyone … Continue reading

Little Boy Lost by Marghanita Laski (1949)

From the political comedy of Tory Heaven, to a very different kind of novel indeed…. Review by Margaret B: Hilary Wainwright, emotionally repressed English poet and intellectual, returns after the second world war to a blasted and impoverished France in order to find his young son who had gone missing during the war. He is … Continue reading

We’re in the Yorkshire Post!

There was very well-written article in the Yorkshire Post on Saturday about a collection event we’re holding on Wednesday about popular fiction in World War I. The journalist, Steve McClarence, let us (me, Chris Hopkins and George Simmers) ramble on (in the way that academics will) for at least an hour and then wrote a concise and intelligent … Continue reading