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Put Out the Light (1931) by Ethel Lina White

Book Review by Sylvia D: This is one of the earlier published works of Ethel Lina White (1876-1944). I found it rather strange, albeit intriguing. It was a disturbing rather than enjoyable read. I think this unease arises from the nature of the main character, who is relentlessly horrible. She is Miss Anthea Vina who … Continue reading

The Man with Red Hair by Hugh Walpole (1925)

A late entry into our series of Hugh Walpole reviews. See also reviews of The Killer and the Slain, Farthing Hall, Judith Paris and The Cathedral. Review by Helen C: Our hero, Harkness, a pleasant young American, feeling aimless and useless in London, travels to a beautiful Cornish seaside town to see their annual August processional … Continue reading

The Three Hostages by John Buchan (1924)

Review by David R: This is the fourth of Buchan’s novels to feature Richard Hannay. The action is set around 1921. After The Great War, Hannay has married Mary Lamington, (Mr. Standfast) and settled into a manor house, where he is quite content to live the life of the country squire. However, one day he … Continue reading