Posted in November 2014

National Provincial by Lettice Cooper (1938)

Review by George Simmers This is a very good example of the middlebrow political novel. Lettice Cooper was a committed socialist, and in part is preaching the need for social change, but she follows many other novelists of the period in positioning herself as the voice of common sense, against all extremes (the way of … Continue reading

The New House by Lettice Cooper (1936)

Review by Sylvia D: Very little seems to happen in The New House (1936).  Over one long day a widowed mother and her 30-something daughter move from a large imposing secluded house with beautiful gardens to a much smaller one overlooked by a housing estate.  The old house is to be knocked down to make … Continue reading

Lettice Cooper (1897-1994)

Our next batch of reviews are of the Yorkshire novelist, Lettice Cooper (1897-1994). Splendid name. (So many unusual names are revived nowadays, but I have yet to meet a Lettice!) Cooper had a long and distinguished writing career.  Her novel The New House (1936, currently in print with Persephone) won her the accolade of ‘Chekhov … Continue reading

The Man with Red Hair by Hugh Walpole (1925)

A late entry into our series of Hugh Walpole reviews. See also reviews of The Killer and the Slain, Farthing Hall, Judith Paris and The Cathedral. Review by Helen C: Our hero, Harkness, a pleasant young American, feeling aimless and useless in London, travels to a beautiful Cornish seaside town to see their annual August processional … Continue reading