Posted in January 2022

Kiddar’s Luck (1951), by Jack Common

By Val Hewson This month we read working class fiction and I discovered a book which makes me think about where I come from. … Newcastle being a fine town to roam in, especially after dark. Its natural features are excellent, that’s why, since it is all hills, vales, bridges and one view succeeds another … Continue reading

Impressions of Latterday Symphony (1927) by Romer Wilson

By Alison Butlin, Chris Hopkins, Mary Grover and Val Hewson Impressions of Latterday Symphony (1927) by Romer Wilson Recently our group read books by novelist, poet, short story writer and anthologist Romer Wilson (1891-1930), whose work has been almost entirely forgotten. We usually read popular fiction, which was never Wilson’s focus, but she was born … Continue reading