Pal Joey (1940) by John O’Hara

Book Review by George S: Pal Joey began in the late 1930s as a series of short pieces in the New Yorker. Each of them was a letter from ‘your Pal Joey’ to a former associate, now a successful band-leader in New York. Joey is a singer (‘the poor man’s Crosby’ he calls himself at … Continue reading

The White Company (1892) by Arthur Conan Doyle

Book review by George Simmers: In 1891, at the same time that the first Sherlock Holmes short stories were appearing each month in the Strand Magazine, Doyle’s The White Company was being serialised in the Cornhill Magazine, a rather more staid and traditional publication. Sherlock Holmes made Doyle famous and made him money, but The … Continue reading

Great News about Steel City Readers Book!

Dear Reading 1900-1950 readers, Great news from Reading Sheffield: We have reached our fundraising target of £12,500 to support the publication of Mary Grover’s new book, Steel City Readers. Based on the memories of our Sheffield interviewees, Steel City Readers is about reading for pleasure in Sheffield between 1925 and 1955. The money we have … Continue reading

Captain Bulldog Drummond (1946) by Gerard Fairlie

Book Review by George Simmers: In 1937 Herman Cyril McNeile who, as ‘Sapper’ had written the Bulldog Drummond thrillers, died. His friend Gerard Fairlie, who had collaborated with him on the novelisation of a Drummond film script (The series of Drummond movies were very popular in the 1930s) took over the profitable franchise. Captain Bulldog … Continue reading

Bulldog Drummond (1920) by ‘Sapper’

Book Review by Jane Varley: This is the novel in which Hugh Drummond D.S.O., M.C. demobbed British officer bored with peace – and the reader – first encounter the international collection of crooks who plan to stage a coup in Great Britain and other capitalist countries and install a Bolshevist regime in order to gain … Continue reading