Posted in May 2020

Men Like Gods (1923) by H.G. Wells

Book review by Frances S: Settling down to begin reading Men Like Gods a day or two after The Prime Minister’s 23 March 2020 ‘lockdown’ speech, I was looking forward to escaping into the relative calm of 1921 Sydenham. The novel is divided into three ‘books’. Book 1, The Irruption of the Earthlings, tells how … Continue reading

Three Weeks (1907) by Elinor Glyn

Book Review by Kathryn R: I found this book in the Old Pier Bookshop* in Morecambe while browsing for other books from 1900-1950. It was in the ‘collectables’ case. There is no publication date in this edition, but the cover and the preface suggest that it was published in the early 1960s, as the writer … Continue reading

Lord of the World (1907) by Robert Hugh Benson

Book Review by Sylvia D: It’s striking that all the reviews that have been posted so far have been of dystopian novels. I wonder if that is a reflection of the strange and troublesome times we are living through. My first choice was Swastika Night but I couldn’t get hold of a reasonably-priced copy so … Continue reading

The Iron Heel (1908) by Jack London

Book review by Alice C: Jack London wrote The Iron Heel, a dystopian novel, in 1908. It sold over 50,000 copies in hardback and according to Wikipedia, London was, for a time, the bestselling and highest earning writer in the USA. It’s the story of the rise of a totalitarian Oligarchy in the United States … Continue reading

Herland (1915) by Charlotte Perkins Gilman

Book review by Mary P: When we were given the choice between utopian and dystopian fiction this month, I immediately went for the former. During the lockdown from Covid 19 and all the discussion about how things will be different when it is all over, it seemed appropriate to look at how others have imagined … Continue reading

Swastika Nights (1937) By Murray Constantine

Book Review by Kathryn R: This novel set some 700 years in the future is by Katherine Burdekin, writing under a pseudonym. Katherine Burdekin wrote feminist dystopian fiction in the 1920 both under her own name and the pseudonym. She also wrote some children’s fiction. The novel describes a world ruled by two superpowers, the … Continue reading