Posted in December 2012

And relax…

Reading 1900-1950 is off for a little rest over the Christmas period, and will be back on the 2nd January. Thank you everybody, for making the first year of blogging such a happy and rewarding experience! I hope you all have a lovely holiday, with lots of time for reading. I am looking forward to … Continue reading

The Crowded Street by Winifred Holtby (1924)

With Winifred Holtby we return once more to the novelists of the 1900-1950 who have been found acceptable to the modern palate. The Crowded Street was among the first Virago reprints in 1981, and is now in print with Persephone. Review by George Simmers (see his blog Great War Books) Muriel, the heroine of this novel, … Continue reading

The Dark House by Warwick Deeping (1941)

My friend and colleague Mary Grover is, I think I can safely say, the world expert on the novelist Warwick Deeping. She wrote a splendid book about him called The Ordeal of Warwick Deeping: Middlebrow Authorship and Cultural Embarrassment (2009) and her collection of all sixty-eight of Deeping’s novels formed the beginning of the special collection at … Continue reading

The Day of Temptation by William Le Queux (1899)

William Tufnell Le Queux (1864-1927) is a fascinating figure. His Wikipedia entry paints a rather splendid and exotic picture of an Anglo-French bestselling author and journalist, who travelled widely, made pioneering radio broadcasts, and was an early ‘flying buff’. However, it does caution that Le Queux’s own account of his exploits and abilities were usually … Continue reading

A spy thriller by Agatha Christie: N or M? (1941)

Review by Sylvia D: N or M? continues the story of Tommy and Tuppence Beresford, whose adventures when working  for British intelligence during the First World War are related in Christie’s The Secret Adversary (1922).   After the outbreak of the Second World War Tommy is approached by a friend of their old intelligence chief and … Continue reading