Posted in November 2012

Clouds of Witness (1926) by Dorothy L. Sayers

This is the first book review by Daniel, who is joining me at the Special Collection for a work placement. Daniel is a second year English and History student, and thus perfectly placed to get involved with the collection. Welcome Daniel! Review by Daniel G: As the first book of the Readerships and Literary Cultures … Continue reading

Thomas Henry (1909) by W. Pett Ridge

William Pett Ridge (1859-1930) was an extremely prolific and popular author, publishing over sixty novels and short-story collections. We have ten novels by William Pett Ridge in the collection:  click here to see the full list. Pett Ridge’s upbringing was humble; his father was a railway porter, and the young Pett Ridge became a clerk … Continue reading

A Liebster Award!

Reading 1900-1950 has been given a Liebster Award! Apparently the word comes from the German, meaning “dearest” or “beloved” and is given by fellow bloggers to new blogs with fewer than 200 followers and deserving of recognition and encouragement. Thank you Kaggsys Bookish Ramblings, for this lovely piece of encouragement – it is much appreciated. … Continue reading

Green Battlefield (1943) by Victor Canning

Review by John Higgins The plot of Green Battlefield can be summarised as follows: Bomber pilot Patrick Orleigh parachutes to ground when his plane is shot down over Normandy, where he is befriended by Arlenne Resant and her elderly servants, the Bonparts. A German officer arrives to billet six soldiers in her house. In the … Continue reading