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Clayhanger by Arnold Bennett (1910)

Next some reviews of a very well-known novelist, Arnold Bennett (1867-1931). Probably the most well-known novelist we have read in the 1900-1950 reading group, Bennett was greatly enjoyed by most members of the group. I know Bennett best not for his novels, but for the way he was regarded in the 1920s and 1930s by Virginia … Continue reading

Challenge to Sirius by Sheila Kaye Smith (1917)

Review by Thecla W: I found this novel hard-going but it has a certain dreary fascination for any fan of Cold Comfort Farm. The narrative is chronological and the novel is structured in episodes, each one set in a specific place: Sussex, London, Sussex, America, Yucatan, Sussex. Frank Rainger lives with his father at Luke … Continue reading