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Concert Pitch by Frank Danby (1913)

This review is for a novel by a member of the forgotten family of writers we looked at last month, the Frankaus. Frank Danby is the pseudonym for Julia Frankau, the mother of Gilbert Frankau. She was a popular novelist in the early twentieth century – see a review of another of her books, Mothers … Continue reading

Mothers and Children by Frank Danby (1918)

Continuing our reading of novels by the Frankau family, this is the first review of a novel by Frank Danby, the pseudonym of Julia Frankau (1859-1916). Julia can be considered the beginning of this literary family: she was a successful novelist, who also wrote scholarly books about eighteenth-century engraving, and had a circle of artistic friends … Continue reading

Frankau month at the special collection

This month at the special collection reading group we are all reading a novel by a member of the Frankau family. Thanks to a donation from the grandson of Gilbert Frankau, Timothy Smith, we now have novels in the collection by: Julia Frankau (writing under the pseudonym Frank Danby, 1859-1916) Her son, Gilbert Frankau (1884-1952) Gilbert’s … Continue reading