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Lord of the World (1907) by Robert Hugh Benson

Book Review by Sylvia D: It’s striking that all the reviews that have been posted so far have been of dystopian novels. I wonder if that is a reflection of the strange and troublesome times we are living through. My first choice was Swastika Night but I couldn’t get hold of a reasonably-priced copy so … Continue reading

The Iron Heel (1908) by Jack London

Book review by Alice C: Jack London wrote The Iron Heel, a dystopian novel, in 1908. It sold over 50,000 copies in hardback and according to Wikipedia, London was, for a time, the bestselling and highest earning writer in the USA. It’s the story of the rise of a totalitarian Oligarchy in the United States … Continue reading

Swastika Nights (1937) By Murray Constantine

Book Review by Kathryn R: This novel set some 700 years in the future is by Katherine Burdekin, writing under a pseudonym. Katherine Burdekin wrote feminist dystopian fiction in the 1920 both under her own name and the pseudonym. She also wrote some children’s fiction. The novel describes a world ruled by two superpowers, the … Continue reading