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Middlebrow goes to the movies (again)

Review by Val H After posting on the 1933 film Christopher Strong (based on Gilbert Frankau’s novel), I have done more research on middlebrow novels and the film industry. What do screenwriters, directors and stars do with – or perhaps to – the novels we enjoy? And what do their films tell us about their … Continue reading

Clouds of Witness (1926) by Dorothy L. Sayers

This is the first book review by Daniel, who is joining me at the Special Collection for a work placement. Daniel is a second year English and History student, and thus perfectly placed to get involved with the collection. Welcome Daniel! Review by Daniel G: As the first book of the Readerships and Literary Cultures … Continue reading

Read detective stories along with us

This month we are reading Detective Stories. (After last month’s World War I fiction I thought some light relief was called for.) I pulled out a selection of the many detective novels we hold in the collection. Reading Group members chose books by well-known writers Agatha Christie, Ngaio Marsh and Margery Allingham (I am reading … Continue reading