The Reading 1900-1950 Newsletter

The Winter Newsletter  for the 1900-1950 Special Collection is out now! It has articles (and lots of pictures) on:

  • Our Yorkshire Writers 1900-1950 event at the university, which included talks on Willie Riley, Winifred Holtby and Phyllis Bentley.
  • Willie Riley, his first bestseller Windyridge (1912), and his publisher, Herbert Jenkins.
  • Crumbling paperbacks from the period, and exactly why they fall apart.
  • Looking inside the books: library stamps and book marks.
  • Recent donations to the collection, which include romance novels, Elizabeth Goudge, Willie Riley and Elizabeth Taylor.

You can also get earlier issues of the Newsletter here.

6 thoughts on “The Reading 1900-1950 Newsletter

  1. I always find it sad when I buy a second hand book that has come from a library and the last date stamp is from 1968. I feel there should be a government funded programme to encourage people to befriends books or a campaign with the slogan “Books are not just for Christmas.”

    • I know what you mean. In future it is gong to be harder to know how much a book was borrowed as most books are issued electronically and never get a date stamp! I think I will miss date stamps.

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