Memories of Sheffield Libraries

Places at our next community event are booking up fast!

As part of Sheffield’s festival of words, Off the Shelf, we will be at Ecclesall Library on the 19th October at 2pm.

Community historian Mary Grover will present memories of reading 1945-65, gathered in the oral history project ‘Reading Sheffield’. I’ll be bringing along books from the collection that were popular at the time.

We will also be screening the delightful 1956 film about Sheffield libraries, ‘Books in Hand’. (See a clip of the film at the Yorkshire Film Archive. It’s worth watching just for the clothes and the splendid 1950s voiceover: all the library ‘costs each citizen a year is the price of a few packets of cigarettes’!)

To book a place at the event phone Ecclesall Library on 0114 203 7222.

3 thoughts on “Memories of Sheffield Libraries

  1. I’m always struck by the British desire to seek history in as many unfamiliar corners as possible. Having read this, I find myself thinking of my visits in the 1970s with my sisters and mum to our local county library and I realise that those memories too seem a lot further in the past than their forty years. I hope the festival is a great success.

  2. Thank you. I think the history of libraries is the history of our everyday lives, for many of us. My weekly trips to the library when I was a child in the 1980s also seem like ancient history now! Perhaps this is a very British kind of history?

  3. You are quite right. It is a very British kind of history. Here in Spain, I can’t imagine anyone being in the slightest interested about a similar project. Not because they are not interested in books or libraries. Far from it. It’s the belief that the lives of ordinary people, particularly from the recent past, are worthy of academic study or even interest that would stymie any attempt to do something similar.

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